Simpson Strong-Tie GDPSK-138KT .10 x 1-3/8 Pin Spiral Knurl, With Fuel Cell 5M

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SKU: Simpson-GDPSK-138KT-5M

GTIN: 20707392405607
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GDPSK gas pins are designed for attaching plywood and OSB to cold-formed-steel studs. The spiral knurl provides a positive lock and resists back-out. Installed with the GCN-MEPMAG, the GDPSK-138 gas pin provides faster installation and setup times, which contributes to lower labor costs. The hardened pins quickly and cleanly pierce the cold-formed steel and leave the pin head flush with the wood fixture. The 1 3/8" length pin can be used for 1/2"–3/4" thick plywood, and 14–22 gauge steel.

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