Simpson Strong-Tie HL73 7 x 3-Inch Heavy Angle



SKU: 1-HL73


The HL is a versatile angle designed to improve corner stability. This multipurpose connector helps promote standardization and construction economy. The L-shaped design of this heavy utility strap makes it ideal for a variety of applications where two members meet at a 90° angle.

Key Features

  • Helps reinforce wood members in right-angle connections
  • Resists uplift and lateral forces
  • Achieves lateral loads in both directions when installed in pairs


  • 7 and 8 ga. models — galvanized; 3 ga. models — Simpson Strong-Tie gray paint. Some models available in HDG; see Corrosion Information.


  • Install with bolts
  • Lag screws of equal diameter (minimum 5" long) may be substituted for bolts in the beam with no reduction in load.


  • Gussets may be added to HL models when L ≥ 5" (specify G after model number, as in HL46G)
  • Ornamental alternative: HLPC angles
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