(5 LB) Big Timber 5STX9158 9 x 1-5/8” Flat Head Stainless Steel Screws Approx. 820



SKU: BT-5STX9158-820


Bronze Star Flat Head Screws “BTX”


  • Bronze Ceramic Coating.
  • Star Drive.

General Purpose Corrosion Resistant Exterior Screw

For exterior professional operations using hard or soft woods, chipboard and other tough or treated materials.

Hardened Steel w/ Triple Ceramic Coating

  • 1200-hour corrosion resistance in both.
  • ACQ and salt spray conditions. •
  • Outstanding abrasion resistance. •
  • Compatible with treated lumber.

ACQ Compatible

Self-Countersinking Head

  • w/ underhead cutting nibs.

High Quality Steel •

  • Heat treated & hardened.

Deep, Wide, Sharp Threads •

  • Provide maximum holding power. •
  • Cut cleanly & easily.

Star Drive Recess •

  • Twice the torque of Phillips & square drives. •
  • Reduces camout and end load. •
  • Gives better bit life. •
  • Reduces spinning & fastener damage.

True Flat Head w/Cutting Nibs

  • Underhead cutting nibs cleanly countersink the screw flush into wood.
  • Knurled Shank. • Makes screw easier & less tiring to drive. •
  • Reams hole in board being fastened, reducing drag on shank and driving tool.

Spiral Notches in Threads

  • Cut through fibrous materials & greatly reduce the torque needed to drive the screw without affecting holding power.

Type 17 Notched Point •

  • Starts quickly without ‘walking’
  • Reduces the need for pre-drilling.
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