(25 Count) Simpson ETS6210 - Screen Tube 10-Inch Long 60 Mesh - Carbon Steel For 5/8 Rod



SKU: Simpson-ETS6210-25


Screen tubes are used in hollow base material applications to contain adhesive around the anchor and prevent it from running into voids. Simpson Strong-Tie® screen tubes are specifically designed to work with AT-XP® and ET-HP® adhesives in order to precisely control the amount of adhesive that passes through the mesh. This results in thorough coating and bonding of the rod to the screen tube and base material. Order screen tubes based upon rod diameter and adhesive type. The actual outside diameter of the screen tube is larger than the rod diameter.


  • Screen tubes are for use in hollow CMU, hollow brick and unreinforced masonry applications


  • ATS screen tubes: 50 mesh stainless steel
  • ETS screen tubes: 60 mesh carbon steel


Screen tubes are designed for a specific adhesive type. ETS screen tubes must be used with ET-HP formulations, and ATS screen tubes must be used with AT-XP.

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